Meet our guides from the Hague!

Some of us are born and raised in The Hague, others are born elsewhere in the Netherlands. After years of living and guiding in The Hague we all now truly feel as experienced guides who can show you the city as a real Hagenees.

City Guide

I love The Hague and look forward to showing you my city.


Guide & Urban Showman

I’m a student of Urban Studies & Urban Design living in Scheveningen. I have a great passion for cities, both for the history and the events that took place, as well as the buildings and the unique insights they give us into the mind of the past centuries! I have always been a theatrical person and there is nothing I love more than sharing these amazing stories with people from all over the world!


Guide & The Hague Enthusiast

The variety the Hague has to offer is endless. Vibrant city life, culture, history and nature, like parks, a forest and off course the beach. I am pleased to show you around in the historic centre of my favourite city!


Guide & World Traveler

Traveling is one of my greatest passions in life, and I have currently seen over 50 countries. Yet it always feels great to come back to my hometown, The Hague! It’s a city full of hidden gems, interesting people and fascinating history. Join Free Walking Tour and let me share The Hague’s story with you, wrapped in a two hour walk filled with jokes, anecdotes and fun facts!


World Citizen of the Hague

I am Aileen and since two years I live in The Hague. As a recent International Relations graduate, I can tell you a lot about the international character of The Hague, but I am also passionate about history and culture. I love showing other people around my favorite city and getting to know new people. Hope to see you soon!