Visit the Escher Museum

in a Palace!

Welcome to “Escher in the Palace” – an museum dedicated to the masterworks of Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher.

The History of the Palace and the Museum

The Escher collection is housed in Lange Voorhout Palace, a former royal residence dating back to the 1760s, but purchased by the influential Hope family in 1796. The landmark was a ‘notable palace’ for the next century.

In 1896, the Queen Mother, Emma, bought and renovated the building, installing a central staircase with shiny copper railings and fancy Italian marbles that was completely ornamental – the real stairs were hidden!

During the 20th century, the building was mainly a work place for the queens Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix. In the 70s, Prince Claus also worked here until the Noordeinde Palace was made available. The property was subsequently sold to the municipality of The Hague in 1990.

A Look Inside Escher in the Palace 

Plan Your Visit to the Escher Museum

The museum is great fun for the whole family, there is something here for all ages. Wheelchair accessibility is limited but available.

Photographs may be taken, but the use of a stand/tripod or selfie stick is not permitted. Multilingual audio guides for the museum are available.

The museum is open from 11:00 – 5:00 pm Tuesday thru Sunday, last visitors admitted until 4:25pm. They do not accept the Museumkaart.
Tickets for adults are €12.50. Children are €6.50 & under 6 are free. Save 25% by buying tickets ahead of time online (Adults: €10 / Children: €5)

Click the Escher Head to the right for a virtual tour! > > >

Website: Phone: 070 427 7730

Virtual Tour

Directions – Five ways to Get to the Venue

– By bike: 7 minutes – Cycle left out of the station towards the park, find the bridge over busy Bezuidenhoutseweg. Follow the park bikepath, turning north & straight for a kilometer. Then walk your bike over the big zebra crossing (Dierentuinbrug) across Koningskade and continue down Houtweg. Take a left on Denneweg until you open up to a leafy square and museum is on the left.

– By foot: 17 minutes – Follow the same route explained above and enjoy the walk in the park. Consult Google for a quicker route.

– By car: 10 minutes – Take the Utrechtsebaan (A4 & A12) signs into ‘Centrum’ and park at the Museumkwartier or Malieveld.

– By tram: 3 minutes – Take tram 15 or 16 to the Korte Voorhout stop. Exit here and chase the tram line for another 100 meters until you get to a treelined avenue on the right, this is Lange Voorhout and the venue is 100 meters up to the right.

– By bus: 9 minutes – Take bus 20 to the ‘s-Gravenhage, Malieveld stop and walk north, cross the bridge (Dierentuinbrug) and continue straight down Houtweg. Take a left on Denneweg and walk until you reach a open square – the museum is on the left.

Videos about the Escher in the Palace Museum