Milan’s personal recommendations for The Hague

Below you can find a list of personal recommendation of places to go in The Hague, ranging from my favorite museum to the best local coffeeshop! The bold text will take you to the respective website or Google Maps location.

Enjoy your time in the Hague!

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Food / Restaurants
Snacks / Lunch
Bars / cafes
Coffeeshops (no coffee, weed!)
Parks / Beaches


Rent a bicycle! In the world’s most cyclist friendly country, this is definitely a must. It might sound a bit cliché, but seriously, it will make your explorations of The Hague a lot easier and more fun! There are bike sharing apps such as Mobike, where you can get a bike for short rides. Haagsche Stadsfiets rents bikes for a whole day. If you’re here for a couple of days or more, consider getting a Swapfiets.


Krishna Vilas
I’m a big fan of Indian food and this is one of my favourite places to eat in The Hague. It’s a South Indian restaurant, famous for serving delicious Dosa (large, thin, savoury pancakes that you dip into curry’s and chutney). The lassi is also a must try! Great food for little money!

Mr Bap
This cute, little, family run restaurant serves excellent Korean food in a friendly and cosy environment. There are only a few tables, so you might want to go on a less busy day or time. The bibimbap is excellent and very well priced.

This place is basically a whole bunch of little restaurants combined in one building. So if you can’t decide what you want to eat, this could be the perfect solution. They serve food from 12 different cuisines, ranging from pizza to sushi and from Dutch Kroketten to falafel. It’s located in the Haagsche Bluf, where we stopped on the tour.


Stroopwafel vendor
The typical Dutch Stroopwafel, a thin type of waffle filled with caramel, is by far the tastiest snack available in the Netherlands. There is usually a mobile vendor in the Spuistraat that sells freshly baked, large Stroopwafels. Go and try one, it’s a must!

The amount of food that is wasted daily by people, shops and restaurants is tremendous. This is really a shame, since most of it is usually still perfectly fine. Luckily, there is an app called TooGoodToGo, through which you can buy “goodie bags” of leftover food, for a discounted price. Many supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and other shops in The Hague are connected to their platform. I love the concept, because it’s cheap (usually €5 for a big bag) and it’s always a surprise what you’ll get. Download the app and help prevent food being wasted!

Florencia Ice cream
One of the oldest ice cream places in The Hague (started in 1932), and still going strong! Both me, my mother and my grandmother grew up coming here, and we often had ice creams together. They sell very affordable, homemade ice-cream, and also good coffee!


I love English and Irish beers, and this pub has a large selection of them. Of course, they also serve Dutch beers and there is usually a local beer from The Hague on the tap. I can recommend the Kwak beer, a Belgian pale ale served in a very unusual type of glass. Fiddler organizes a pub quiz in the weekend and they also often show sport and racing matches on big screens inside.

The Boardroom Boardgame Café
If you’re into playing board and card games (like me!) then this is the perfect place to have a coffee (or lunch), especially on a rainy or cold afternoon. You pay a €5 entrance fee and can then stay as long as you want, playing as many boardgames as you like. They have a big range of different games and it can be a nice place to meet other people too. Drinks and snacks can be ordered while playing. Even with the current Covid rules, the café is still open, and the games are “quarantined” for a day after each use. Website.

Gold bar
Hidden in the cellar of the current Indigo hotel, is quite an unusual bar. This building used to be a bank, and what used to be the gold vault, is now turned into a bar! Drinks are quite expensive, but the setting is cool and might be worth the peak. The hotel is right across from the Royal Palace we saw on the tour. Ask the staff at the hotel reception, and they will show you into the vault. *Covid note: currently no drinks are served in the vault, but you can still have a look around.


Haagse Markt
One of the biggest outdoor markets in Europe! This is where I do almost all of my grocery shopping. You can find a large range of fresh fruit and vegetables here, for a very low price. Also sells clothing, spices, meat and fish, and many other things. Since it’s located in one of the most multicultural areas of The Hague, walking around the market is a fun experience on itself. You’ll hear a dozen different languages being spoken, and for a minute you’ll forget you’re in the Netherlands. Open 4 days a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

I don’t deny it, I am a big nerd, and love video games and other nerdy computer stuff. This shop sells a big range of video games, collectibles, comic books and other merchandise. Their collection of retro video games is especially impressive! It’s located in a small side street off the Grote Markt (where you can also sit down for a nice local beer).

Boekhandel Douwes
A bookstore specialized in travel guides, international books and maps. If you’re just as much into traveling as I am, this might be an interesting shop to visit. They sell a whole bunch of different, beautiful world maps, and also maps of specific countries or cities. Could be a cool souvenir! Most books are in Dutch, but there is also a large range of English and German books.


Friendly, English speaking staff that can give you personal advice. They sell a wide range of products and have everything displayed on a clear sign with prices. Perfect for the not so experienced smokers.

This wouldn’t be the Netherlands if there wasn’t an actual online coffeeshop database! I’m not much of a weed expert myself, so this website could be a better guide. It shows all coffeeshops in the area, with the products they sell and reviews from locals.


Escher in Het Paleis
We walked past this museum on the tour, remember? It’s my favourite museum in The Hague! The Dutch painter Escher was famous for making very intriguing, mathematic inspired drawings with optical illusions hidden in them. I have always been obsessed with his art and when I was in university, I made my own mural, based on his Metamorphosis painting. The building itself used to be a royal palace. Website

Louwman museum
As a kid I grew up around a car garage, since both my dad and granddad are car mechanics. They were always wild about cars and racing, and passed some of that on to me. If you’re a car fan, or interested to learn more about cars, the Louwman museum is a must visit. Website.

The museum contains one of the world’s biggest private car collections and takes you on a tour through the history of car making. You can easily spend half a day here. It’s also right next to the Royal family’s main living quarters: Huis ten Bosch

Peace palace
The peace palace (website) is where the United Nations International Court of Justice is located. It’s a beautiful, old building, which you can unfortunately only admire from the outside. There is a small, interesting visitor centre in front of it. Good to combine with a visit to Panorama Mesdag.


One of the lesser known parks in the southern part of Den Haag. Perfect for a little stroll or cycle, or to see the deer enclosure. In the summer evenings the whole park fills up with local families that are having a barbecue or a picknick. Bring some snacks and beers and join them to watch the sunset.

Want to go to the beach, but not be surrounded by hordes of tourist? Avoid Scheveningen, and go to Kijkduin instead! Take bus 24, it will take you all the way there. Hemels Gewelf, an art sculpture in the dunes, is also worth a visit.

Scheveningse Bos
A forest, in the middle of the city? Yes! The Scheveningen Forest is very nice for a walk or picnic, and you could potentially walk all the way to the beach from here (3 kilometres). The amusement park Madurodam is also located here, a miniature version of the Netherlands, although it’s mostly meant for kids.