Booking a tour

If I cancel my tour, is the booking fee refunded?

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The booking fee is refundable until 24 hours before the start time of the cancelled tour. Please note that it may take up to 10 days before you see the refund in your account. For more information, visit our Cancel & Refund Policy page. Didn't receive a cancellation email? Send us an email, mentioning the 4-digit [...]

Why do I pay a booking fee for a free tour?

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When you join a tour, you are charged a €1,89 booking fee per attendee. These costs cover the following: €1,50 booking fee: A guarantee of your reservation, both for you and for us. Our work on the backend, organizing & managing our tours and guides. Marketing & website maintenance, so you can find us when [...]

How do I know if my booking is received?

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After choosing your date & time and entering your name & email address, you are taken to this screen: Make sure to click on the BOOK NOW button to confirm your submission. If your booking is recorded, you will see this screen: An email is sent to your email address for further reference. Didn’t receive anything? There are [...]

What languages are the tours given in?

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All tours are given in English. We understand that English isn't a first language for every visitor, so we do our best to speak clearly and comprehensibly. Feel free to ask the tour guide to repeat or explain something in a simpler way during the tour.

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