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Meeting point Maurtishuis
Meeting point: Mauritshuis
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Discover The Hague through the eyes of a local!

Come along on a two-hour walking trip through the largest Dutch city by the North Sea! Find out why it’s called the City of Peace & Justice and why the government is seated at the Royal House of Orange of Nassau. Explore the beautiful historic city center and learn the difference between the demonyms ‘Hagenaars’ and ‘Hagezen’. From haughty historic landmarks to little gems hidden in plain view, let us surprise you on your next trip to the Hague! Book now and join the Free walking tour from The Hague! 
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During this 2 hour tour, we cover

Binnenhof House of Parliament

Binnenhof House of Parliament

Find out why the House of Parliament is in The Hague and not in the capital of the Netherlands
Haagse Harry

Haagse Harry

 “Kap NâhLekker belangrijk” What does it mean and why does this man have a statue between all the royalty of the Netherlands? 
Royal Family

Royal Family 

The House of Orange-Nassau. What is their role today and why do Dutch people like their King Willem-Alexander so much?  

Peace and Justice

Peace and Justice

The Hague, international city of Peace & Justice. Discover what historical events granted The Hague this title and why it still stands today. 

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