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Meeting point: Plein @ Mauritshuis

Thursday to Sunday 

Thu to Sun 13:30

Join the Free Walking Tour The Hague to explore the city through the eyes of a local. Discover the ins & outs of the government’s city on foot, during this great 2-hour tour!

Every Thursday to Sunday at 13:30 (1:30pm)

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The Hague, city of Peace & Justice and former capital of the Netherlands. Although Amsterdam took the reign, The Hague still rules the country!

During the Free Walking Tour The Hague I will show where our government is seated, and why it is called the city of peace and justice. You will find out the great difference between the somewhat posh Hagenaar & the average Hagenees. Discover its rich history and culture, but let’s also have fun and find crazy statues and cool facts.

Come and join me on this Free Walking Tour through The Hague, where I will tell all about this great big city at the Northern sea!


Growing up in a small town, I always regarded The Hague as the “big city”, full of excitement, interesting people and fascinating history. Through the Free Walking Tour The Hague I can truly be part of The Hague and show others around our beautiful city.

Why is the Hague the seat of our government, but not our capital? How did the city become such an international melting pot? And what’s with the stork symbols that show up everywhere? There’s only one way to find out the answers to these questions!

Join Free Walking Tour The Hague and let me share The Hague’s story with you, wrapped up in a two-hour walk filled with jokes, anecdotes, and fun facts!


Oh Oh The Hague, a beautiful city on the dunes!

This town has the perfect mix of history, beach life and fun. There’s always something happening and that’s what makes it so much worth a visit. With strong ties to the Royal Family and the oldest house of parliament of Europe (probably the world)! You won’t get closer to both anywhere else.

Let’s walk together. I’ll show you the highlights, tell you the stories of the royals and point out the best cafes and bars that I’ve dutifully tested while growing up in the city. Rain or shine… I promise we’ll have a blast!

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During this 2 hour tour, we cover

Binnenhof House of Parliament

Find out why the House of Parliament is in The Hague and not in the capital of the Netherlands

Haagse Harry

 “Kap NâhLekker belangrijk” What does it mean and why does this man have a statue between all the royalty of the Netherlands? 

Royal Family 

The House of Orange-Nassau. What is their role today and why do Dutch people like their King Willem-Alexander so much?  

Peace and Justice

The Hague, international city of Peace & Justice. Discover what historical events granted The Hague this title and why it still stands today. 

Come along on a two-hour walking trip through the largest Dutch city by the North Sea! During the Free Walking Tour The Hague, you will find out why it’s called the City of Peace & Justice and why the government is seated here. You will see where the Royal family hang out and discover the city’s surprising division in population.

Explore the beautiful history city center and Dutch landmarks, such as the Peace Palace, the International Courthouse, the Tweede Kamer (House of Parliament) and the Royal house of Orange of Nassau. Find out about the local culture, who ‘Haagse Harry’ is and what the remarkable difference is between the demonyms Hagenees and a Hagenaar. To top it off, we’ll give you good recommendations on what other place to visit and what to do in and around this bustling city.

Join the next Free Walking Tour The Hague, every Thursday to Sunday from 10:30 (1:30pm) at Mauritshuis!


“What customers say ”

The Hague is a great city and in this way you get to see the best of the city. I personally like the stories (and jokes) of the Royal family the best. The great thing about this Free walking tour is that you also get to know your way around which is great if you are new in town.  This is a must do if you visit The Hague!

Thanks Vincent for the great tour!

Gerit Roderijs

We went on the free tour today on Saturday our tour guide was Lennart – he was great! A history major that knew everything you could ever want to know about The Hague.

Such a great way to orient ourselves to the city and get some great ideas for how to spend the rest of our time here. He was funny too! 🙂 Thanks, Lennart!

Juan Majo

This was the first thing we did when we landed and settled in The Hague and we were not disappointed. Vincent was an awesome tour guide that showed us the city as well as provided history. He also encouraged and facilitated an interactive and dynamic tour by asking questions, telling fun “historic” stories(rumors), and sharing his perspective of the city as a local and native.

Awesome awesome awesome. I highly recommend!

Monique Prins

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