Taco’s Personal Tips For The Hague

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Likes: Tennis, True Crime & Comedy

Favourite city (besides The Hague): Vienna

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Eating In The Hague

Protect your fresh herring from the seagulls (above), or sit down at the  Poentjak Indonesian restaurant (below) for the food many call ‘rijsttafel’!

Top choice/Indonesian: De Poentjak is one of the best Indonesian restaurants in The Hague. It serves very tasty authentic meals and is located in the city center in a beautiful location. Enjoy one of the few traditional Indonesian restaurants left, noted for its friendly service!

Market: The Foodhallen offers a great choice for everyone, so grab a plate and create a unique meal to enjoy!

Vietnamese: Little V is a very good Vietnamese restaurant with amazing food and drinks, but make sure to try the cocktails and lemonades! Both the popular outside terrace and the indoor decorations are worth checking out, so make sure to book a table in advance.

Fresh from the North Sea: Het Haringhuisje is the oldest fish shop in Scheveningen serving seafood since 1933. It is located at the harbor only a hundred meters from the beach. and probably has the best herring in the world! It’s the local’s favorite and a must-try if you want to experience something truly Dutch.

Herring as it should be eaten: Haringkraam Buitenhof has been located in the city center for over 25 years. If your schedule doesn’t allow a trip along the beach or boardwalk in the Scheveningen, this is the place to be. It serves herring the way ther Dutch eat it; you hold it up by its tail all as one piece and you let it slide in your mouth to take a bite. Delicious! Or not. You decide!

WARNING: Make sure to eat it inside the stall. Otherwise, a seagull will make a dive for it and steal it from you… I’ve seen it happen many times! really!

Drinking In The Hague

Beach party: In summer, Het Zwarte Pad is an easygoing part of het strand in the Scheveningen area with many laid-back beach bars and seafood restaurants. This is also where the best beach parties take place, located at the northern end of the shoreline where the boulevard ends.

Bar hopping: In fall, winter, and spring, the bars and restaurants located at the Grote Markt are really THE place to be. There is an easygoing vibe here, with fun people, great music, and outside terraces to enjoy under the stars when the weather is nice.


The Zwarte Pad is the place for beach parties from sunset to sunrise in the summer (picture above), but for year-round bar hopping, stick around the Grote Markt (picture below).


Head to Prinsestraat for the big brands or head to the Zeeheldenkwartier for the independent designers making clothes, accessories and even guitars.

Shopping street: The Prinsestraat is an authentic shopping street and the place to be for trendy fashion shops, designer outlets, stylish boutiques and unique art galleries.

Shopping area: Not far from the city center you will find the Zeeheldenkwartier with its three main shopping streets Prins Hendrikstraat, Piet Heinstraat and Zoutmanstraat with artsy vintage shops, a custom guitar store, and even a funky T-shirt retailer. Beware pickpockets!

Coffeeshops (No Coffee, Marijuana!)

Coffeeshop: If you’re looking for a safe place to get some weed or hash, Cremers is probably the best place to go to and they will gladly give you advice on what’s what.

Wherever you go, be aware that there’s a wide variety in potency. Some may have a stronger effect than you are used to or were hoping for.


Feel free at the panoramic-wide view of Panomara Mesdag (picture above) or walk like a prisoner in the Gevangenpoort Museum (picture below).

Top choice: The Panorama Mesdag is my personal favorite, although it’s not really a museum exactly. It’s a huge panoramic painting of the Scheveningen overlooking the sea, beach, and village made in the late 19th century. It’s so big (over 14 meters high and 120 meters in circumference) that you must enter the gallery from the inside middle, with the painting spread out all around you giving one the illusion of actually standing on the sand dunes where it was made. Allow an hour or less to experience, but a lifetime of memories to enjoy.

The Prison Museum: Museum De Gevangenpoort is the 13th-century building that formed the imposing gateway to the Inner Court of Holland. A few centuries later it became a prison and courthouse for the municipality. Suspected criminals awaiting their trial and other defendants were locked up in here. Now the museum shows the history of Dutch crime and punishment throughout the years.


Park/garden: The Paleistuin (Palace Garden) is one of The Hague’s hidden gems. It lies quietly behind Noordeinde Palace, being one of the three official palaces of the Dutch royal family. The park has flowerbeds, fountains, hedgerows, ponds, and forest paths, so it’s a great place to relax, have a picnic or just lay in the sun.

Beach: The beach at Scheveningen, also referred to as The Hague Beach by tourists, has something for everyone.  Casinos, golf, a lighthouse, watersports and an aquarium are all within a kilometer of the main grand hotel – the Kurhaus.  Many folks take a stroll on the 400m commercial pier at Scheveningen (right) which features a Ferris wheel, bungee jumping, events spaces, tourist shops, video games, beach bars, and sit-down restaurants with a spectacular view of the seashore. Do it all if the weather allows, then lay on the beach, and watch the sun go down – the perfect day!

For Scheveningen Beach Resort take the tram to the Kurhaus, an iconic hotel built in the late 19th century, or just continue to the end of the line at Zwarte Pad.

Bring your picnic basket to the Palace Garden (picture above), or stroll along the big pier at Scheveningen Beach (picture below).