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Explore the Most Popular Beach in Holland

The Hague is a major seaside city in the Randstad which features a wonderful beachfront that has been enjoyed by Europeans for years. You’ll find not only Dutch beachcombers here but Danish, Belgian and German tourists in droves. During the summer months, thousands of people crowd onto the shore to enjoy the warm sandy beaches, ample sunshine, coastal breezes, and the many tourist attractions the area is famous for.

Dozens of cafes and restaurants dot the 3km boardwalk, which continues south into a natural area with dikes, dunes and wildlife. On the north end of the beach, the famous Scheveningen Pier, which extends nearly 400 meters into the North Sea, has been an important landmark since about 1900 as featured in the ‘Historical Footage’ video far below.

Getting to & around the Scheveningen
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Highlights – Attractions – Things to Do

Highlights – Attractions – Things to Do

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Den Hague has a nice collection of activities below for adventurous and sporty visitors that will keep you in shape.

  • Bungee Jumping – On the Scheveningen Pier, an adventure company, offers 60m high jumps from April to October.
  • Surfing / Windsurfing – Several well-known surfing schools are nearby, where you can get lessons, rent surfboards, and buy wetsuits. These include Quiksilver Surfschool and Surfana.
  • Zip Lining – You can reach 70km/hour on a 350-meter zip line that starts at the pier ‘Bungee Tower’ & ends at the beach.
  • Cycling/Biking – Renting an e-bike, scooter, Segway, or two-wheeler is a no-brainer for fun in the sun at the seashore.
  • Group Biking Tours – The whole family can enjoy a planned, curated and informative bike trek of the region, book ahead.
  • The Beelden aan Zee Museum, a/k/a “Sculptures by the Sea,” features modern artwork indoors and out for all ages.
  • The Scheveningen Pier – Extends 400m into the North Sea with unique shops, restaurants, attractions & a Ferris wheel.

Everyone can find something fun & interesting to do here, in any weather! Here’s a list of the best year-round attractions.

  • The Muzee Museum – a nice, small exhibition space about the region’s maritime history and local Dutch culture.
  • Pinball & Video Arcades – The Funland arcade in the beach mall (below) offers pinball, VR, pool tables and video games.
  • Palace Promenade – The whole boardwalk has cute shops, but when the weather is too much, enjoy air-conditioned bliss in this stylish resort mall with an indoor food court.
  • Legoland Discovery Center – Kids love to play at this huge indoor LEGO playground, open only during the high season.
  • Pathé Scheveningen – A cool, dark movie theater is a perfect break after hours in the sun – with 8 screens to choose from.
  • Holland Casino – This large building dominates the beach & offers everything from high stakes gambling to nickel slots.
  • SeaLife Aquarium – See over 4000 species of marine life in 45 separate tanks – you’ll see rays, seahorses, otters, sharks and more. Open everyday.

Getting To & Around The Scheveningen

How To Get To The Scheveningen

During the high season, crowds make parking issues a difficult reality so bringing a car is not reccomended. If you must drive, take the A12 into the district and try to park in the Kurhaus or Boelevard garages.  Check out the lots along Strandweg, Noordelijk Havenhoofd or Zwarte Pad, but be prepared to pay from €2.60 to €4.00 per hour for a garage and up to €15 a day for street parking in season.

A far better idea is to use public transportation, as NS trains to The Hague are convenient, efficient and far less expensive than a private car. Once at Den Hague Centraal Station, trams #1, #9, #11 & #17 will all take you to the beach and boardwalk area in under 20 minutes from just about anywhere in the city.

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