Oskar’s Personal Tips For The Hague

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Favourite city (besides The Hague): Amsterdam

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Eating In The Hague

Kick back at the Poentjak Indonesian restaurant for the best Indonesian food you will find around town!

Lunch: Plenty has a laid back atmosphere and it’s the perfect lunch pit-stop after a morning strolling through the city. This lovely little lunch spot has a wide selection of sweet pastries and sandwiches as well as great coffee (all vegan). It’s located in the hip neighborhood of Zeeheldenkwartier, and short stroll away from Paleis Noordeinde.

Lunch/Library: Bookstor is the ideal lunch and coffee place for book and art lovers. This charming neighborhood cafe, close to Paleis Noordeinde, is the perfect place to re-energize after a long day of sightseeing. The café doubles as a library /book store and is filled with charismatic antique furniture and impressive local artwork. In the summer, the garden is a perfect little urban jungle retreat to relax and unwind.

Lunch/Dinner: Greens in the Park is a restaurant located in the beautiful and sprawling park area of Westbroekpark and Scheveningse Bosjes. The unique modern glass building gives allows the visitors to enjoy the lovely surroundings, while having a relaxing meal.

Food Court: Located in the Haagse Bluff near the city center, Foodhallen is the ideal place for an indecisive company of friends! If one wants to eat pizza, the other dumplings and yet another wants burgers, that’s not a problem here! This food court boasts many different restaurants inside with a common central seating area. The house bar even sells their own special Foodhallen beer, made right here in The Hague!

Beach Tavern: If you happen to end your lovely day in The Hague with a swim or a stroll on the beach, the Fat Mermaid is the ideal location to have an easy dining experience afterwards, with great views of the beach! It’s located on the Scheveningen Boulevard, close to the quaint Keizerstraat, the oldest part of Scheveningen. Their menu is varied with plenty of options, but it’s all made with love and care and is almost entirely organic, and sustainably sourced. My favorite is ordering their nachos and a cocktail while sitting on a lazy chair in the sand watching the sun go down!

Indonesian: This authentic Indonesian restaurant might look unassuming, but Poentjak is frequently visited by important politicians. In fact, the Dutch prime mister chose this restaurant to meet with President Emmanuel Macron not long ago. This is one of my favorite spots for dinner, the cosy and historic interior has a genuine charm which can’t compete with modern interior design. And while the dining room is crowded and tightly furnished , there are still plenty of nooks and spaces that offer a cozy spot to enjoy. An amazing selection of vegetarian and vegan options fill the already impressive menu as well.

Drinking In The Hague

Beach Terrace: Heart Beach is both a nice bar and an excellent place to enjoy great food on a large and idyllic beach terrace overlooking the sea. It’s the ideal place to get a drink and watch the sun go down with that special someone. During the day, the restaurant is connected to one of the biggest surf schools in the Hague, and it’s always bustling with activity.

View: I recommend going to Pavlov if you want to find a unique little spot to have drinks with amazing views with a bit of privacy. It’s nestled in the corner of the Nieuwe Kerk church gardens, and across from the monumental modern city hall. It’s the perfect combination of modern and old architecture, perfectly capturing the spirit of The Hague.

Rooftop Terrace: Bleyenberg, located on the Grote Markt, is generally a reliable hotspot for bars because of one big selling point: the rooftop terrace. It really is the perfect place to enjoy afternoon or evening drinks with stunning views of the old city centre.

Visit Scheveningen for beach parties from sunset to sunrise in the summer (picture above), but for year-round bar hopping, stick around the Grote Markt (picture below).


Head to Prinsestraat for the big brands or head to the Zeeheldenkwartier for the independent designers making clothes, accessories and even guitars.

Top Choice: Right in the city center, one of my favorite places to go window shopping is the Passage and the Bijenkorf. Both buildings are breath taking, and if you join the tour you will learn a bit more about both. The Bijenkorf is an upscale department store built in the Haagsche/Amsterdamse School architecture tradition. The attractive wooden staircase with stained glass windows alone is worth checking out!

Shopping Area: The Zeeheldenkwartier district in the Hague, with the historic Prins Hendrikstraat & Weimarstraat storefronts, boasts many of the better local cafes and shops. The neighborhood is a trendy alternative area with many students, young people and artists livening up the place. It’s a bit further out from the crowded center, but these streets are the perfect place for an easy lunch and an afternoon of fabulous shopping opportunities.

Shopping Street: The Frederik Hendriklaan is the main street going through the upscale Statenkwartier Neighbourhood in the borough of Scheveningen. Elegant houses and tree lined streets provide the perfect opportunity to do some window shopping outside the main fare. In addition, this neighborhood is close to the international area with Europol, the World Forum, the OPCW and many other peace and justice related institutions, as well as the Kunstmuseum. On the other side of the neighbourhood, you are not far from Scheveningen Haven, the harbor of The Hague.

Coffeeshops (No Coffee, Marijuana!)

Coffeeshop: The Canna Club is personally one of my favorites because of the way they present their products, all displayed neatly in a glass display. It almost looks like you’re entering an upscale cupcake shop, but instead of cupcakes they sell various strands of cannabis.

Wherever you go, be aware that there’s a wide variety in potency. Some may have a stronger effect than you are used to or were hoping for.



Gaze at the latest exhibition at the Mauritshuis (picture above) or visit the quirky, yet amazing Escher museum (picture below).

Top choice: After the Kunstmuseum, the Mauritshuis is the most visited museum in The Hague and the 14th most visited museum in the Netherlands. This is no surprise, since the museum holds some of the finest paintings from a time typically referred to as the Dutch Golden Age. While there are many masterpieces on display from this era, the most notable is the famous ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring‘ by Johannes Vermeer. Beyond that, the building itself is richly decorated, with two renovations in the past 25 years to help restore the building to its former glory.

Top choice: Escher in het Paleis is a personal favorite. The museum is housed in the former residence of Queen Emma, with much of the original interior preserved. As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, who is world famous for his etchings intertwining math with optical illusions. The works are family-friendly so therefore a great museum for both for adults and kids!

Top choice: The Kunstmuseum (Art Museum) is the most visited museum in The Hague, and 9th most visited in the Netherlands. The building is designed by Berlage, arguably the most famous Dutch architect of the last century, who introduced modern architecture styles on a grand scale in Holland. While the museum contains predominantly modern art works with household names such as Mondriaan, Picasso and Monet, it also houses many up and coming contemporary artists as well. Furthermore it has a vast collection of applied art works, ranging from chairs, lamps and vases to entire kitchen sets and living rooms, all meticulously preserved.


Park: The Haagse Bos (The Hague Forest) is the oldest urban natural area in the Netherlands, still protected by the Act of Redemption as established in 1576 by William of Orange. Since 1815 it has also been the home of the Dutch royals, with Paleis Huis Ten Bosch hidden away in the heart of this vast forested park. The current layout was designed in the English landscape garden tradition and is tended to by a half dozen gardeners. The place is ideal for a nice walk and picnic, as well as kiting or a bike ride. Starting from the Haagse Bos, a cycling route called the 5km Landgoederen Route also takes you through the forests for The Hague and Wassenaar along various country palaces, castles and other grand estates – it’s a great one hour ride.

Garden: Landgoed Clingendael is a beautiful country estate with sprawling greenery boasting English flowerbeds, traditional Dutch nurseries and a formal Japanese garden.

Park: Scheveningse Bosjes & Westbroekpark are two large parks connecting the centre of The Hague to Scheveningen. With plenty of trails, stunning vistas and Dutch landscapes changing from dunes to forest, open fields to lakes, rivers to the sea and a world class rose garden. You can easily spend an entire day walking through these parts and you can even rent rowing boats to explore the park waterways, across its streams and lakes. Afterwards, have a nice glass of wine at Greens in the Park and your day is complete!

Spot ‘kabouters’ and enjoy the greenery at the Haagse bos (picture above), or visit Scheveningen forestry after a visit to the Pier (picture below)