Booking Fee / Cancel & Refund Policy


For every attendee, we ask a €2,00 booking fee. These costs cover the following:

  • €1,61 for guarantee of reservation (both for the customer and for Free Walking Tours), costs for organization & promotion.
  • €0,39 transaction fee for electronic payments.

The booking fee can be paid when you make an online booking, or at the start of the tour with credit/debit card.


You can cancel your tour with the cancellation link or the CANCEL button or in your reservation confirmation email:

cancel free walking tour

After you cancel your tour, you receive a cancellation email with two options:

  1. ASK FOR A REFUND: Reconfirm your cancellation with the order number you received in your payment confirmation (see below).
  2. REBOOK YOUR TOUR: Will take you back to the website so you can submit a new booking on any available date/time. The booking fee of the cancelled tour will be refunded to your account, if cancelled 24 hours before the tour.


  • Refund period | The booking fee is refundable until 24 hours before the start time of the booked tour. If you cancel your booking within these 24 hours before the actual tour, the amount is processed and can not be returned.
  • Cancellation by customer | After you cancel your tour, we kindly ask you to confirm your cancellation with the order number you received in your email. We will refund the booking fee (€2,00 per person) to your account.
  • Cancellation by Free Walking Tours company | If a tour is canceled by Free Walking Tours The Hague (e.g. because of extreme weather or an internal emergency), we will refund the full amount of €2,00 per person to your account.
  • Customer liability | Free Walking Tours The Hague can not be held accountable for delays and impediments beyond our control; including traffic delays, public transport strikes, city events and National Holiday timetables. Cancelled reservations for reasons as mentioned, are liability of the customer and therefore can not be refunded.


It may take up to 5 business days before you see the refund in your account, depending on the transaction time of your bank. From our experience, you should have it within the next day.


Refunds can be issued for a limited time, depending on your method of payment:

  • PayPal: Refunds are issued until 180 days after transaction.
  • Credit Card: Refunds are issued until 365 days (1 year) after transaction.
  • There is no time limit for other payments.