The Free Walking Tours concept is based on mutual trust and respect, so please be honorable in your dealings with our organization and follow these common-sense guidelines.

Please don’t sign up for a tour unless you’re sure you can attend. We understand that circumstances change and things happen, but we ask that you respect your tour master and the other participants by arriving on time, or emailing us a cancellation notice if your plans change. It’s common decency and avoids a crowd of vacationers waiting for visitors that never arrive – delaying the tour, frustrating the attendees and distracting the guide.

If you’ve signed up ‘just in case’ to keep your options open – don’t. Registering insincerely denies others the opportunity to walk, so be considerate and only sign up when you’re certain you will attend. ‘No shows’ costs money, time and resources for an organization that already operates on a thin margin, so please be respectful.

Inform your guide if you need to leave the tour early or if part of your group has quit the tour for whatever reason. Our guides keep a running head count of their group, so if you simply disappear from the party, they’re likely to everyone’s waste time searching for you – causing worry and concern.

Acknowledge your guide. While our staff loves to give Free Walking Tours to visitors, they are unpaid except for the contributions they receive as tips at the end of the tour. If you feel you cannot tip, then please respect your guide with a written review on our social media pages or website. If you were unhappy or offended during the walk, please email us with an explanation so we can improve. Simply walking off after several hours together is rude and disrespectful to both the tour master and this organization, not to mention it’s terrible karma, so please acknowledge your guide!

Ask questions and get involved! Our experts love curious travellers, so feel free to ask nearly anything before, during or after the tour. This website has a wonderful section of ‘guide recommendations’ that covers almost every aspect of the city, so you can start there to craft your perfect visit. Otherwise ask questions and get informed!

Be a model tourist. Over the years we’ve seen it all. From bickering couples to drunk sports fans, wherever there’s a group there’s often a person or two that ruins it for everybody. Don’t be that person. If you’re not feeling 100% for whatever reason, simply wait for another time or excuse yourself from the party. Obnoxious, aggressive or disruptive behavior on tour will not be tolerated and certain actions will land you in a Dutch jail, so bring your ‘A’ game on the tour and we’ll repay you in kind with a great tour for everybody!

“For it is in giving that we truly receive.”

                                                                                                                                                                  – St. Francis of Assisi