About Us

Our Story

We started giving tip-based tours in Amsterdam in 2016, after seeing this great concept on our own travels around the globe. The Free Walking Tour Amsterdam quickly caught on the attention of Dutch travellers, after which we decided it was time to expand to Rotterdam and finally, The Hague. We gathered a group of local history fanatics, teachers, and experienced tourism experts, and created Free Walking Tour The Hague.

Our tours are created out of our love for travel, passion for our city, and the joy of meeting people from all over the world. We aim to give you an insight in the city’s rich history, beautiful architecture, and cultural landmarks, but from the perspective of a local. We like to give you the ins & outs of where to hang out, where to wine & dine, and what tourist traps to avoid.

Being an artist himself, our veteran guide Ronald likes to share his passion for architecture

Why We Offer Tip-Based Tours

At Free Walking Tour The Hague, we believe in accessible travel experiences for everyone. Our tours are tip-based, allowing you to decide what you think the tour is worth. This flexible approach makes it possible for travellers of all ages and budgets to have the full The Hague experience. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker, or a first-time visitor, you are welcome to join the next tour and explore The Hague with your new local friends.

Walking Is The Green Way To Go

Travel leaves a significant carbon footprint, and we’re committed to contributing to a greener way of exploring the world. By offering walking tours, we not only promote a healthy and enjoyable way to see the city, but also help reduce our impact on the environment. On foot is the best way to discover the hidden gems of our city, that can’t be reached by tour buses or boats. Join this eco-friendly exploration of our beautiful city and share with us the outlook on a future of sustainable travel.

Did You Know…

…that The Hague is actually one of the greenest cities of Europe? With over 111.000 hectares of dunes, parks and forest, you are never far away from a green escape in our city.

Meet Our Guides & Discover Their Personal Tips For Exploring The Hague

To make the most of your time in The Hague, be sure to visit our “Your Guides” page. Here, you’ll find personal recommendations from our experienced guides for exploring the city beyond our Free Walking Tour. Whether you’re interested in discovering local cuisine, finding the best spots for a relaxing afternoon, or diving into the vibrant arts and culture scene, our guides share their favorite places and insider tips. Check out their recommendations to plan an unforgettable adventure before or after your tour.